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The 1.2 BILLION windows in the United States provide any interested person that has with an obvious opportunity to provide window treatments to a substantial residential market. This does not even include the estimated 7.4 million businesses in need of window covering expertise.

Like many businesses, the window treatment industry is tied to the U.S. economy. When new home sales are robust, the market revolves around new home builders and owners. At times when the economy slows down, homeowners tend to redecorate their homes with new looks, style trends, and more popular colors. Regardless of economic conditions, there is and always will be a need for the benefits that quality window treatments and coverings provide.


â?#339;The Window Dekor training program is as thorough as a year long class.  Donâ?#8482;t change a thing about the way youâ?#8482;ve conducted business with us so far.  Communication is very important and you seem to fully understand that!â?#157; 

Michael & Dayna Houghton, Visions Dekor, Limon, Colorado.

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Our Dealers Cover the Worldâ?#8482;s Windows

Window Dekorâ?#8482;s dealer training program is the best value for anyone interested in learning window treatments. Whether youâ?#8482;re a beginner with no window covering experience, or someone with an existing business, our training and support will get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

Compare the investment in our dealer training program to the big name retail blind franchises. Before spending $30,000 to $75,000 for a â?#339;blind franchiseâ?#157;, find out how you can start working from home while at the same time receive the deepest discounts from the most well known manufacturers in the industry. Since we are not franchise, you pay No Royalties and have no restrictions on where you can market and sell.

Once we know you are serious, you will be invited to call some our Window Dekor trained professionals and see for yourself what our trainees have to say about "The Window Dekor Training Program".

Whatâ?#8482;s so great about the window treatment business?

Window Treatments, commonly known as Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Draperies generate $6 Billion Dollars annually. With over 120 million homes in the US alone that have an average of 10 windows thatâ?#8482;s a lot of windows that need covering isnâ?#8482;t it? 

Todayâ?#8482;s wide variety of available window coverings are without a doubt the most well designed and aesthetically appealing ever. They are however, much more than just â?#339;window dressingâ?#157;. Window treatments provide desired and necessary privacy, safety, sound and light control and energy savings. Some neighborhoods even require them as compliance with local covenants. This is not surprising since many homes in newer neighborhoods are now much closer together than in days past.

The number of ways available to learn about and offer window treatments as a business is limited. Do your homework by checking out the â?#339;blind franchisesâ?#157; and other dealer opportunities. Youâ?#8482;ll find that no other company combines the experience, industry contacts and value offered by Window Dekor Blinds and More.

We offer knowledge, training and information for an affordable price, not available anywhere else, and most importantly we care.

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